Our industrialized assembly process sees us handle all the procedures for which automation is infeasible, on behalf of our clients and contracting entities.

Our employees are capable of assembling between one thousand and ten million serial production items.

Several plastic parts, that were mounted together

right on schedule.

We use just-in-time- and just-in-sequence production and deliver end products tailored to customers and their needs.


A worker is mounting little metal plates onto a bigger metal wheel
Workers are putting sandpapers into boxes


We fine-tune our processes unceasingly and wholeheartedly. Ensuring high productivity is how we help guarantee success - for you and for us.



    • High batch sizes / serial production (1,000 to 10 million pcs.)
    • Procurement and storage
    • Packing and shipping with the end customer in mind
    • Just-in-time-/Just-in-sequence production
  • Small-scale mechanical assembly tasks such as
    • Assembly of bottle closures
    • Finishing of advertising materials
    • Assembly of marketing displays for consumer products
    • Pre-packaging and repackaging products for trade
    • Packaging involving a range of filling levels etc.

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Sales & Customer Care
Machining, Assemblies etc.
Team Leader Production Engineering

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