From ultra-accurate manufacturing to customer service; we make precision our priority and bending over backwards the norm.

Our employees draw on a wealth of material insights and expert knowledge; optimally exploiting our state-of-the-art machine park.

workpiece made out of metal with many precise drillings
A woman is working on a cnc drilling machine


ABC boasts manufacturing tolerance of 0.005 mm and measuring accuracy of 0.001 mm.



Super-clean parts are par for the course at ABC. All our parts, without exception, are supplied cleaned to the highest industry standards.

A worker is washing a work piece in a machine


  • MACHINING of metals (steel/aluminum/non-ferrous metals) and plastics, small- to medium-sized batches (approx. 10-1,000 pcs.)
  • CNC MILLING – Precision-milled parts
    • CNC lathes with one to two spindles, driven tools and C- and Y-axes
    • Max. machining dimensions of 1,000 x 900 x 700 mm with a max. blank part weight of 30 kg
  • CNC TURNING – Precision-turned parts
    • CNC lathes with one to two spindle/s, driven tools and C and Y axes
    • max. processing size of Ø 500 mm (max. spindle opening / road loader of Ø 65 mm) / max. length of 600 mm and max. blank part weight of 30 kg
  • 3D-CNC Measurement
    • Max. machining dimensions of 1,000 x 1.600 x 800 mm

24–hour replenishment turn­around by prior agreement

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