Corporate Social Responsibility

What is the ABC mission?

  • On behalf of our owners and in their interests, we promote a socially responsible approach to our work, day in day out.
  • Going forward, nothing is more important to us than the well-being of our employees. This is the key prerequisite for keeping customers happy and ensuring their economic success.
  • We strive to leverage the latest concepts to achieve in-depth insights into quality, mastery of social skills and an economic approach guaranteeing added value for all parties.


What is the stand-out factor for ABC employees?

It’s not the fact that around 80 percent of our employees would otherwise struggle for employment on the general work market and that they manufacture world-class high-tech products that makes them stand out. Nor is it the high degree of specialisation and the exceptional education that sets them apart.

Our employees are exceptional because they give their best, day in day out, without any compromise. This high morale and job satisfaction is reflected in our consistently high product quality and exceptional productivity. Our staff are the key resource at ABC—crucial for our success and for that of our customers.

Our employees are exceptional because they give their best, day in day out, without any compromise.

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Company values – with added value?

Our values, which have been guiding us for decades, are what underpin our mission and making our vision a reality.

Customer orientation

  • We make our customers more successful.
  • We embrace a customer-centric mind-set.
  • We know what our customers expect and we deliver it.
  • We support our customers with our production expertise.
  • We act in a climate and environmentally conscious manner.


  • We operate efficiently and sustainably.
  • We deploy our resources in a targeted manner.
  • We constantly strive to improve productivity.
  • We embrace a flexible approach..


Social competence

  • We - the company employees - are its key resource.
  • We think positive.
  • We value each other.
  • We nurture open and constructive dialogue.
  • We encourage well-being among our employees.
  • Crucial for us is occupational safety
  • We run a tight ship - every single member of our team gives their all.
  • We remain responsible for our environment.
  • We champion inclusiveness.


  • What we prioritise is precision.
  • We focus on education and training.
  • When there is room to improve, we learn from it.
  • We reduce environmental impact in our processes.


  • We rise to meet new challenges.
  • We encourage innovative ideas.
  • We apply our principles to boost competitiveness.
  • We deploy the latest equipment
  • We invest in climate protection.




Our vision

economic. social. professional.

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