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Johann Schmiedmeier

How can we help your company become even more successful?

By minimising risk and slashing costs, you win and gain from a clear competitive advantage. No more capital tied up in machinery requiring top-heavy investment and the days of overseeing multiple suppliers are also at an end. Every step of the way, trust in our long-standing industry-specific insights and production expertise for unbeatable support.

We keep our focus fixed on individual customer requirements and cater to all upcoming needs with a wide-ranging service scope. Our “one face to the customer” philosophy is your guarantee of personal customer care. ABC has become the partner of choice for companies in countless industries because of uncompromising commitment to production quality and punctual service. We continue to bolster our rich bank of experience by engaging in wide-ranging operations across the board. Something all our clients benefit from.

Prok. DI (FH) Johann Schmiedmeier
Manager of Sales, Marketing, Work Planning

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We draw on an unrivalled breadth of manufacturing expertise to bring you the finest solutions every single time.


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We speak, act and produce with the industry and customers in mind.

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