What makes outsourcing
your production such a good idea?

Unbeatable quality, zero risk.

Rather than having to accumulate technical production insights unaided and invest in costly machinery, you benefit right away from our infrastructure, our unbeatable production quality and our all-encompassing expertise. We have been ISO-9001 certified since 1994.

Smart and flexible.

When you outsource your production processes, you can respond more swiftly and easily to fluctuating market conditions, while maintaining a lean structure - keeping costs low and boosting both quality and efficiency at the same time.

Simple and worry-free.

Focus your undivided attention on your core skills, like product development and planning, while we devote all the resources we have to our own specialist sector of contract manufacturing, which we have been expanding, refining and consolidating since 1980.

Dependable and on time.

At ABC, we see our role extending beyond that of contract manu­facturer alone - we strive to be a service provider and a reliable partner. With trust our top priority and deadlines kept, we put you first, however urgent or challenging things become. We go the extra mile and do whatever it takes to provide exceptional service.

We speak your language.

Whether it’s contract manufacturing or order fulfilment, each and every customer has their own industry-specific requirements. Thanks to efficient communication, a customer-centric approach and constant fine-tuning of our in-house procedures, we meet these requirements to the letter every time. At ABC, we always assign you a single dedicated contact representative – we present one face to the customer.

What appeals to our customers most about ABC?

We asked them to tell us (1 = very good, 5 = worst):



Product quality

Competitor: 1,6


Handling time for inquiries

Competitor: 2,0


Meeting delivery deadlines

Competitor: 2,0


Services rendered by our staff

Competitor: 1,7

Prok. DI (FH) Johann Schmiedmeier

Manager of Sales, Marketing, Work Planning

Phone +43 463 35 440-230
Mobile +43 664 51 36 465
Fax +43 463 35 440-18
Mail j.schmiedmeier@abc-auftragsfertigung.com

Johann Schmiedmeier